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Sine And Cosine Formulae And Their Applications


The elevation of a tower at a...

The elevation of a tower at a station A due North of it is `alpha` and at a station B due West of A is `beta` . Prove that height of the tower is `(A B sinalpha sinbeta)/(sin^2alpha-sin^2beta)` .


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `h=P A tan alpha`<br><br> therefore `{PA}={h} cot alpha`<br><br> and `h=P B tan beta`<br><br> therefore` {PB}={h} cot beta`<br><br> Also from the -angled triangle `P {AB}`, we get<br><br> `P B^{2}=P A^{2}+A B^{2}`<br><br> therefore `A B^{2}=P B^{2}-P A^{2}`<br><br> `=h^{2}(cot ^{2} beta-cot ^{2} alpha)` <br><br> therefore `h=frac{A B}{sqrt{(cot ^{2} beta-cot ^{2} alpha)}}` <br><br> `h=frac{{AB} tan alpha tan beta}{sqrt{tan ^{2} alpha-tan ^{2} beta}}`<br><br> Substituitng, `tan alpha=frac{sin alpha}{cos alpha}`<br><br> Or , <br><br> `h=frac{A B sin alpha sin beta}{sqrt{(sin ^{2} alpha cos ^{2} beta-cos ^{2} alpha sin ^{2} beta)}}` <br><br> Substituting `cos beta=(1-sin ^{2} beta) and cos alpha=(1-sin ^{2} alpha)` <br><br> `=frac{A B sin alpha sin beta}{sqrt{[sin ^{2} alpha(1-sin ^{2} beta)-sin ^{2} beta(1-sin ^{2} alpha)]}}` <br><br> `=frac{A B sin alpha sin beta}{sqrt{(sin ^{2} alpha-sin ^{2} beta)}}` <br><br> `=frac{A B sin alpha sin beta}{sqrt{[sin (alpha+beta) sin (alpha-beta)]}}` <br><br> `because quad sin ^{2} alpha-sin ^{2} beta=sin (alpha+beta) sin (alpha-beta)` <br><br>


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