The domain of the function `sqrt(log_(1/3) log_4 ([x]^2 - 5 ))` is (where [x] denotes greatest integer function)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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this question we have to find the Government of the function and function done log base 1 by 3 log base for in bracket A 4 x square minus a given function f x is equal to root and done log base 1 by 3 1 by 3 log 4 that from the properties of the root is equal to log 1 log 4 square - 5 and 10 value is Greater equals

and one in quality and we can write log aur ok log 1 by 3 is equal to 1 by 3 to the power antilog call 1 by 3 to the power 0 4 square - 5 = 4 let me call for and greater than zero values greater than

when we can write minus 5 equal 4 nine ok if cheque is belongs to -32 aur the format of if x minus 3 is equal to this can be written as -50

is Greater equal 5 England and Britain belongs to minus infinity to minus root 5 Union pipe Infinity ok we have the live between minus infinity to minus root 5 Union Road 52 Infinity similarly if of is lies between -3 to value lies between then on the number line OK then x is equal to 4 x minus 3 minus root 5 root 5 and dishes at 10 o'clock to minus infinity 2 minus root 5

value and root 52 pipe plus infinity is infinity minus infinity that intersection line is only this ok that intersection point only belongs to - 32 + 3 - 2 + 3 and when we take if egg is 3 then X belongs to X belongs to 324 closed interval and this is open interval OK when we take this value is equal to minus 3 then belong to minus 3 minus 2 ok and then this

is the domain of the value of tan x belongs to - 32 - 2 and X belongs to 32448 this is the right answer of this domain

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