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The domain of definition of `f (x) = sin ^(-1) {log_(2)(x^(2) + 3x + 4)}`, is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`[-4, -1//4] `` [-3, -1//3]``[-2, -1]` none of these

Answer :
Solution :
f(x) is denfined, if <br> `-1 lelog_(2) (x^(2) + 3x + 4) le1` <br> `rArr 2^(-1) lex^(2) + 3x + 4 le2^(1)` <br> `rArr (1)/(2) le x^(2) + 3x + 4 le 2` <br> `rArr (1)/(2)le(x+(3)/(2))^(2) + (7)/(4) le2` <br> `rArr - (5)/(4) le(x+(3)/(2))^(2) le (1)/(4)` <br> `rArr (x+(3)/(2))^(2) le (1)/(4) rArr -(1)/(2)le x +(3)/(2) le (1)/(2)" "[becausex^(2)le a^(2) hArr - ale x le a]` <br> `rArr -2 le x le ` rArr x in [-2,-1]`


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hello student question is that domen of function this time in work log base 2 X square + 3 X + 40 is and these are of which of the following of seneca student it's always the first condition will be for log and noble se X square + 3 + 4 with Value should be always greater than zero ok and second condition will be for sign because this function is made up of two point in time in what will they log base 2 X square + 3 X + 4 this is less than or equal to 1 and get a then equals to my

ok no problem I am going to solve this ok so we'll have to factorise days the festival I am going to find the b is equals to be a square that is 9 - 4 into 4 with 16 and d is equal to negative and had a is positive because value of a is one coefficient of x square and both combination page that expression is always positive and this is what we need to do this quadratic expressions with positive from here will get X belongs to are no problem now this is a unique qualities from going to remove mode and you can see where is greater than one win basis greater than what we can directly give to both side and this both value 1 and -1 will go in degree of two vectors

3 X + 4 = 22 to the power 1 which is to ok and over here better than equals to 2 to the power minus one which is one upon two no problem A student now the head is double inequality solve to inequality first inequality X square + 3 X + 4 this value should be greater than equal to 1 upon 2 taken in inequality I will write it over here ok students were taken inequality is X square + 3 X + 4 this should be less than equal to 2 and will take intersection of both solution intersection in test

ok take intersection b intersection because both should be true this to be listened to end this all values with whole quadratic equation should be greater than equal to 1 upon 2 is equal to 2 X square + 1 + 1 and 1 this one will come this type basilicum plus 7 better than = 20 OK then going to factorise this effect sizes and will follow the same step will find the first we will be equals to b by that is 36 - 4 into 2 into 7 and this value is negative and hair coefficient of x square A is positive and this expression stage that our whole quadratic expression

quadratic expression is greater than zero quadratic expression is greater than zero and hear what we need to solve greater than zero positive from where we get it belongs to which means that this condition and this first condition has no problem with any value of x the solution of this inequality will be out final insert because this two condition have no problem will write X square + 3 X 2 will come this type 4 minus 2 is to 1 + 2 + 9 = 20 and if you'll find root of this quality one you'll get -1 and other will get Ok other it will get -2 these other to do when going to write the saddest 1 + 2 into

X + 1 = 20 number line between minus infinity to infinity ok there will be point - 2 and Elephant -1 if you take a number greater than -1 you'll put a place of text in all this whole Tum will be positive and you will take a number between -2 and -1 you'll put in place of this whole Express and will be negative check any number less than -2.8 place of access hole expression will be positive now when I take -1 DL 0 and 0 less than equal to zero is through the -1 is included when I'll take -2 Feel Again become zero lesson = 20 this is also true to -2 will be with you will get X belongs to - 22

-1 and answer correct thank you a student

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