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Class 11






Mean Value Theorems


The distance travelled by a p...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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15 sec`sqrt((3)/(2))` sec`sqrt(3)` sec`sqrt((7)/(3))` sec

Answer : C

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hello everyone so today we are going to discuss 1 question on mean value theorem in the distance travelled by the particle up to time given by the function f of x x cube minus 2 X + 12 find the time at which the velocity of the particle is equal to its average velocity between the time to 12 hour is equal to 2 second and we need to choose one among these four options so here we are given the function f of x cube minus 2 X + 1 latest right of this function is x cube minus 2 X + 1 intensive can see that this is a polynomial function so we can say that this would be going to be differentiable as well as continuous in its dominant so we have this function is continuous and continuity and differentiability so we can apply the branches mean value theorem

lagrange's mean value theorem we can say that it would be equal to the app of 2 - 41 - 112 to get the value of f of two would be 8 - 4 + 1 -4.1 would be 1 - 2 + 1 divided by 2 minus 1 is equal to 5 we are going to find the app from this expression are given the US and we are going to differentiate with respect to if we do that then the value of x 3 x square

- 23 c square minus 2 and we already know the value of fzs5 so we are going to substitute the value of a square is equal to 5 731 we can say that the sea is equal to under root of 7 32 bit got the same time as under root 3 and we can see that the option for is the correct option this is our solution

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