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Class 12






Plane And Straight Line In Space


The directionratios of the lin...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : Let the direction ratios of the line perpendicular to the given lines be proportional, to a,b,c. Then <br> `2a-3b+c=0` and `a+2b-2c=0` <br> `:.a/4=b/5=c/7impliesa:b:c=4:5:7`

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hello everyone today are question if the direction ratios of the line with the perpendicular to the line x - 7 upon 2 is equal to Y + 7 3 upon minus 3 is equal to Z - 6 and actress 5 is equal to Y + 3 upon 2 is equal to Z - 4 - to select find out from the options which of the following option is correct have given that we need to find direction of a line to find the direction of a line which is perpendicular to the formula of cross product will be finding the value of the direction ratios of the two given line that the be one is a collection of the first line of the line 1922 direction ratios of the line one hour 2 - 31 and direction ratios of the line to that it be to vector having the values as 12 - 2 so if I want to have the direction of the required line that is perpendicular to the

the lines so I'll be using the formula to find the cross product the formula b vector is equals to V1 crossbeat galat find out the product of the B1 and B2 ICAP J cap K cap value will be 2 -3 and 112 and -2 terminal latest all the value of determinant to find the value of the b vector for solving for this I'll be getting I kept 6 - 2 - J cap - 4 - 1 + K cap + 3 + 3 simplifying the salary getting the value that is 4 ICAP + 5 J cap + 7 cake direction ratios of the required 94578 direction ratio of the required line character find out from the option we can see that the option is the correct answer thank you

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