The direction ratios of a normal to the plane through (1,0,0)a n d(0,1,0) , which makes and angle of pi/4 with the plane x+y=3, are a. <<1,sqrt(2),1 >> b. <<1,1,sqrt(2)>> c. <<1,1,2>> d. << sqrt(2),1,1>>



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Updated On: 22-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello in this question we have the direction ratio of a normal to the plane through 100 1010 which makes an angle of Pi by 4 with plane X + Y = 23 are what are provided to find the direction ratio of a normal to the plane which passes through 10010101 let consider let my first point is 100 and second point 2010 as right now let direction ratio direction ratio of a plane is a hike app BJ cap pk CA it is normal to it is normal Tu BA so I can write it as a ICAP + 2 J cap + 3 k cap
01:00 - 01:59dot with be a vector must be equal to 0 9 from here I can say we have a ICAP + 3 J cap + 3 k cap know what is my BMI is a minus b right now we have ICAP - 2 J cap is equals to 0.5 solve it I'll get a minus b equal to zero and the value of a is equals to be not let this equation has won the this plane makes angle pi by 4 with X + Y = 23 know the angle between angle between two planes is given by cos theta equals to A1 A2 + B1 B2 + C1 C2 / AVN square + b square + c square and its under root right
02:00 - 02:59into a to square + b square + c square right now where even the ones even a direction ratio of first plane and A2 B2 C2 edition ratio of second plane so we have in place of A1 B1 C1 we have this is equivalent to a b c and in place of A2 B2 C2 we have what this is equivalent to let me little bit correct it had so this is my A2 and this is like this now we have destination as 110110 right 110 know if I put this value and the angle between them is all we have angles pi by 4 Cos pi by 4 now a182 is a B1 B2 is B C1 C2 is
03:00 - 03:59zero divided by we have a square + b square + c square under root and we have one square + 1 square that is right now we have caused by before as one by root 2 and a is equal to become equation 1 so we can say this is 2A and here we have a square is equal to a square + c square under root into now I can say how to get cancel out and we have left with we have laughed with what we have laughed with to a equals to root over to a square + c square and square root on both sides are the four square equals to 2 X square + c square and the value of square is to a square in the value of C is plus minus root 2 plus minus root 2 A show the direction ratio of required plane
04:00 - 04:59required plane is what we have a in place of we have also a in place of CV have plus minus root to a life I take it a common or divided by a then I'll get 11 plus minus root 2 and as per the option option bi is the correct option write 112 and this is my final answer thank you

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