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The differentiation of cosx with respect to x is -sinx i.e. ddx(cosx)=sinx


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diff with respect to x


this person was to show the differentiation of cos x with respect to access - 9 x so you have a function is FX equal to cos x isn't it and I want to know so that after sex that is D off d x cos x is minus sin x is it so from the basic definition of differentiation we know that after sex can be written as limit of h20 f of X + a minus b upon edge ok so here is cos x square x + 8 should be cause of exercise
Aston 20 X + 30 is cost of X + 1 - cos of X upon it and we know that Formula for cos a + b cos a cos b minus sin a sin b ok so now we need to expand this cos x + 8 by using formula Cos A + B this will be limit of h20 cos x cos x minus 2 sin x sin x ok and this is minus cos x upon so let's take
common if it and cosx would be caused such -1 ok and here would be 9 x into sin h sinus and whole divided by H ok this holding it can be separated into two limit that will limit of 20 cos x cos x minus 1 upon x minus of limit of 209 X sinus phone as I want to find out the value of a then we need to find out the to limit that is used to Limit separately and after putting the value of this to Limit quick and easy
differentiation of x so you will find the limit of limit X tends to zero cos x minus 1 upon X and limit X tends to zero sign up account at ok if you put at 80 in the in this expression what do you what would you get cos 0 - 140 is 11 - 10 and this is also is in the form of 0.0 and if you put h20 in this expression that what you get to get 90 80 70 is the singer 8000 so what we observed here is that both the function 800 form and we want to find the limit of it and we know that when a function is in the form of 0.0 and we want to find the limit
then we can use the formula is hospital rule which says if you want if you want to find out the limit of a function then differentiate the numerator and denominator with respect to H and the sport has at the end after differentiating so that's what we are going to do here so we will differentiate that this Dum this will be cos minus of differentiation of cos theta minus sin a upon H1 and differentiate here it would be a sign of the difference from sinus cause such and H1 so the limit value limit is nothing but - of sin 0 because we will put article 20 and hear it cost to cost of 0 - 700 because I
0001 so what we got we got limit of this term 0 limit of this term 1 hour a day should be 0 - sin x into one so what will be the update value our after sex will be 0 - sin x into one it is nothing but minus sin x in this paper we prove that every success - 9 x that are required to prove in the question here


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