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Class 12






Differential Equations - For Competition


The differential equation of t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone should a question is the differential equation of the family of curves equation is x minus 1 whole square + Y - ke whole square equal to x square where is a constant is and therefore a question that a given is x minus age for square + Y - K is equal to x square to the first share this with respect to X thing we get 2 into x minus 8 + 2 into 1 minus k20 display device is equal to zero the first equation question number 1 ok to them will get x minus 8 + Y - ke into is equal to zero is equal to minus y minus A into device

differentiate with respect to X we get 1 is equal to minus 4 Y - ke into p2id X2 + divide the whole square ok no this operation using the change will ok that is differentiation of second term keeping the for some on cell differentiation of this is due to it F2 and then differentiation of keeping the second term question of why - kzk constant the differentiation of Y with respect to X provide us and we have to be zero because differentiation of constant is zero a square from here we can write one is equal to minus 5 minus A into de2bi reacts to plus minus minus A minus x square

divided by 2 Y is equal to minus of Y - came first then we get this square and square minus A square minus 1 + cos square divided by 212 square is equals to minus ke question number 33 ok so question 1 equation to forget x minus 8 square = 2y - K square into

x square a number one we have x minus A square is equals to a square minus y minus A square we can get the two equation because we can see that this what are the values of x minus b whole square Sutra for acquiring this two equations we get Y - ke whole square into x square is equals to x square minus y minus A square ok now from here we can write a square is equals to from this two terms we can take minus C whole square minus C whole square comma from the two terms then this will be equal to 1 + x square from your we get Y - ke is equals to a square divided by 1 + 10 square

let this be question number from equation 3 and 4 we can write oneplus divided whole square the whole square divided by 2 by DX to square is equals to a square divided by 1 + 2 square where we get cross multiply this two terms we get 1 + x square whole cube equals to and students will get a square into d2y dx2 equation option to check in the options we can see that option A with says 1 + 2 square equal to HYD to ID X2 is

ok correct option in this Greek word answer thank you

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