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Differential Equation


The differential equation of a...

The differential equation of all parabolas whose axis are parallel to the y-axis is


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hello friends the question is the differential equation of all parabola whose Axes are parallel to the y-axis is ok we know that what is the general equation of parabola whose axis is parallel to y axis is Y = 2 X square + bx + c ok now in this equation there are three independent constant three Independent houses is constant A B and C Sofia to differentiate this three times OK what is Dua by DX DY by DX is equals to 2 X + b ok now what is D to why my dear sir square to differentiate this and other time what is D to y by x square is equals to 2 out this is a constant number this is constant OK what is D3 y by x square is equals to zero

Shuddh sageable differential equation ok thank you