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Class 12






Differential Equations


The differential equation of a...

The differential equation of all parabolas whose axis are parallel to the y-axis is

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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ok question given ki differential equation of all parabola Jiski Axis y axis ke parallel Hai general equation kya hoti hai Jis per Rang Gulal ki Jab Unka wife ke Paidal hota hai to Hota Hai Vahi equal to X square + bx + c ok to Ab Mujhe ABC ko eliminate karna hai aur ek differential equation find karni hai vi aur mein kya fayda why my dear ke tension Mein To Kya Karenge pahle step Mein Ham differentiate kar denge with respect to add ok to Jaega this is equal to 2 + ok FIR Abhi To Main yaar bhi nahin kar sakta hun To fir se mujhe ek bar differentiate karna padega ft respect Mein honi chahie ki jitne bhi arbitrary constant hai jo ki dusre per dependent Nahin Hai

any independent Ham to differentiate karna padta hai differential equation find karne ke liye arbitrary constant hai to three times differentiate Ja Ja a Jaega aapke pass over her ex to this is basically to a ok to abhi main minut nahin kar sakta avior si ek bar Ham fir se differentiate Karenge isko differentiate with respect to X yah aaega mere pass over three this is equal to zero aur mera differential equation jo hoga vah yah hoga to jitne arbitrary constant Jo Ek dusre per dependent Nahin hote hain utani bar Hamen differentiate karna hota hai ok


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