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The diagrams, given below, rep...

The diagrams, given below, represent two inequations A and B on real number line. <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/SEL_RKB_ICSE_MAT_X_RP_02_E01_023_Q01.png" width="60%"> (i) Write down A and B in set builder notations. (ii) Represent A nn B and A' nn B on two different numbers lines.



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Updated On: 30-5-2021

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Text Solution

Answer :
` A = { x : -3 lt x lt 2 and x in R } , B = { x in R ; - lt x lt 3}`



00:00 - 00:59in this question the diagram given below represent two inequations A and B on real number line so this is a and this is being there are represented in real line as this particular part and this particular part first question is write down A and B in set builder notation s s that represent a intersection b and a dash intersection b on two different number lines if you see if we solve the first one it is saying to give a and b is set builder form so if you see a it is considering all the values of X such that it is line from -32 to see the important point that - 3 and 2 we don't have a solid circle that means these two are not included so you will write a equals to set containing x
01:00 - 01:59that X is lying between -3 22 and of course since we are talking about the real number line so you will also add a condition that X belongs to set of real number this is the set builder form for set a no you will write be now be you can see it is considering our values from -123 and it is not including - 1 and 3 so you will again right be such that values of access from -123 and again this is also real number lines you right X belonging to set of real numbers the first part of the question is complete see here now you see the second a intersection b intersection b means the numbers are the points which are lying in both the set
02:00 - 02:59that means common region between this one and this one so if you see this one and this one so this particular region is the common one that means from here to here for this one to you will write from -122 so it is nothing but it is taking the values of X from - 122009 Amber light and you have the values to be - 2 - 101 then to then she then a intersection b will be represented by 12 here you have represented the path in real name now see the
03:00 - 03:59second part it is saying a dash intersection b a dash means every part on the real mind which is not included in a that means every part on the real line except for this one is denoted with black pen so you have this particular reason that is minus infinity 23 and this particular region that is 22 infinity you have to take the intersection of this path with these two remaining parts so if you see you have in this region in this region from -32 infinity you don't have any reason common in b but in this region 22 infinity you have this small region 2 comments if you make a bottle and here so this particular region is common so that is going to be the answer
04:00 - 04:59and it is 223 so here you will write that a dash intersection b is nothing but values of X from two to three the common parts coming to 23 now if you denoted in a real line suppose this is your real line this is zero this is one this is to this is phone to denote this solution so you have from 22 free you have noted in the year question thank you

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