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The diagonals of quadrilate...

The diagonals of quadrilateral A B C D intersect at O . Prove that (a r( A C B))/(a r( A C D))=(B O)/(D O)



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Updated On: 10-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59area of a CBD area of a series was to be used for let it be is perpendicular to AC and BD is perpendicular to it now from here we can see that area of a b is equal to half into base space is ac in 25 years and it can be written as actually a bc and ac are the same triangle ECB will write is it ok area of ACP in similarly we can get the area of a CD we can get the area of a CD that is equal to half into AC into the ok these are the conditions
01:00 - 01:59now what we need to do just divide a Si bi bi a Si Di I will get an area of be area of ACB / area of a c t is equals to into AC into PO / how into AC into Deo that is registry cancel out and we are left with this implies that and this is our final answer thank you

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