The degree of the differential equation {5+((dy)/(dx))^2}^(5//3)=x^5 \ ((d^2y)/(dx^2)), is a. 4 b. 2 c. 5 d. 10



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Updated On: 9-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone in this question that degree of differential equation is the differential equation is given his 5 + 5 x whole square and Holistic war 5 by 3 is equals to X 25 into d2i by DX square and oxygen sa4 option B is to option C is 5 and option days 10 so first ride on the given differential equation the rear differential equation is 5 + DY by DX + DY by DX whole square holster for 5 by 3 is equals to 5 into two bi bi Si Di i x square so fast way to remove the fractional exponents first to remove this fractional power for that purpose take you on both side by taking tubes and we get 5 + DY by DX + PDF
01:00 - 01:59whole square and holster for 5 by 3 into 3 is equal to 3.5 into the to buy the x square and cube in whole cube software application we get this 33 get cancel out we get 5 + DY by DX Eye Plus near by X whole square and hold for five value is equals to X raise to the power 5 x by x square and whole cube numbers in this expression and we get the value that is 5 + DY by DX + b whole square whole disk Repair 5 is equal to X raise to power 5 into 5 whole cube is equal to 15 and multiply sign d2y by the
02:00 - 02:59square whole cube know the first to defend the order order is defined as the highest order order is defined as the highest order highest order derivative highest order derivative is present in the is present in the in the differential equation in the differential equation share highest or derivative is d2i BDS square so the order room so the order of this differential equation is equal to 2 and the degree and the degree is defined as the degrees define is the highest highest exponent of higher exponent of of highest order highest order highest order
03:00 - 03:59highest order derivative present in present in that is differential equation so here are the exponent of highest order derivative is equal to 3 it means the degree that degree is equals to 30 in this way we calculate the answer and this answer is not matching with the any of the you know it means the options are given in correct and option we can be none of none of these option B is no option is none of these endicia financer thank you

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