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The curve represents by the eq...

The curve represents by the equation`x^(2)/(sinsqrt2-cossqrt3)+y^(2)/(sinsqrt3-cossqrt2)=1` is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

(a) an ellipse with foci on X-axis(b) an ellipse on focii Y-axis(c) a hyperbola with foci on X-axis(d) an hyperbola with foci on Y-axis

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in this question we have even the car represented by the equation X square by find root 2 minus cos squared ok now if I find the value of root 2 minus root that will be coated I can treat for you the calculator draw the graph of sin and Cos and let's see what is happening at is in trouble graph find it is something like this

cos a cos function this is my now what are you do this point is our by 2 is equal to 1.5 value 3.14 2.14 you know that root 2 is equal to 1 is equal to 1.1 3.4 dis

1.5 study 91 92 value of this point point will give me value to positive value find value of root 3 by using the same graph in graph 1.54 the course craft it will be here at this point because going to cos root of negative value ok so this friend sin root

3 root 2 minus 2 equal to positive value or negative value which ultimate positive value and is both value are getting added up ok ok and if you calculate discount calculator you will get find root 2 minus root 3 that will be 1.148 Iske new template from again I have given this is this this is mine and this is my mind to find value of under root 3 minus Cos A

root 3 minus root 2 is it from the I can see that value of sin root root root 3 is a positive value value to positive because the point root 2 into correspond to this value ultimately this positive - positive but you can see that this root 3 is higher and its value

define circular disc about get it mean value is greater than B and reflective square + X + Y square by b equal to one is greater than perfection equation is of ellipse and diagram will be somewhat like this this is greater than to be the length of major axis and it is minor axis

2A and 2B let's see which option correct correct focus on x-axis correct because in this case of such a graph I have focused on major Axis because its immediate access live access that's why it's pocus F1 is here to answer to this question is option number number 2 is wrong

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