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Three Dimensional Geometry


The coordinates of the point i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`(0, 13/5, -1)``(0, (-13)/5, -2)``(0, (-13)/5, 2/5)``(0, 13/5, 2/5)`

Answer : A


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hello everyone they are person is the coordinates of the point with the line joining the 5 - 7 and -3 intersected by the y z plane have to find the value of that point using a diagram devil line Hussain points are given to us in the form of coordinates satisfied that the client first find a 25 - 7 and another and want to be with coordinates -3 let this point is it affected by the way that play draw the diagram of that plane that this train is device that plane that will be the second it and that point is dividing the lekin some point on the widest range of

the y z right so I have a given the points that on that are intersecting the line ab on the y z plane r0ma y z letters calculate that in which theatre in what ratio is plane dividing the joint and select calculate intrinsic value of the x-coordinate first to find the coordinates of the fall and we can see that is equals to sin 2 - 3 + 1 into 2 / K + 1 find the value of k from here that is that will be a is equals to minus 2 equal to open 3

value of cable b 2 upon 3 means the xy plane for the Vibe that plane is dividing the joint of A and B in the ratio 2 ratio 3 using this ratio I need to find a way that whole point that is zero why is there any to find the value of the product by and that selects the Section formula that is by is equals to 2 into minus 1 + 3 into 5 divided by 2 + 3 and similarly I can calculate it as the value will be -2 15 -2 that it will be 13528 + 3 into minus 7/2 plus 3 after simplification it will become as the value will become 16 - 20121 5 that will be cause 2

- 1 write the value of the coordinates is let that co-ordinate is sea to the point is 013 of 15 - 48 find out the correct the option correct is a option right age correct option


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