The compound interest compounded annually, on a certain sum is 29,040 in second year and is 31,944 in third year. Calculate. <br> the rate of interest.



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Updated On: 13-5-2021

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Answer :
` 10 %`



00:00 - 00:59here we have a question the compound interest compounded annually on a certain sum is 29040 and second year and is 30 1944 in third year so we have to complete the rate of interest means we have to find here rate of interest beaches are as we know the simple interest formula into into upon 100p is a principal h rate and 30 time so first we have to find the interest between 2nd year 3rd year SOL 3rd year amount is 30 1944 - b a second year amount 29040
01:00 - 01:59which is equal to 2904 this is our interest so this is our interest of 3rd year sunao aap to put the value as simple interest is 2904 which is equal to principal principal is 29040 into our time is one year upon 100 which we can write it as we can write it as are equal to 2094 into hundreds upon 29040
02:00 - 02:5921 so we have cancer 0 this cancel 1 so 1 into 10 equal to 10 so the rate of interest is 10% is a answer

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