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The complex number z satisfyin...

The complex number z satisfying |z+bar z|+|z-bar z|=2 and |iz-1|+|z-i|= 2 is/are A) i B) -i C) 1/i D)1/(i^3)



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Updated On: 8-7-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello students this question is a complex number that it is find Z plus that but in what plus that - Aitbaar in what is equal to 2 and ice at -10 does that minus 5 is equal to 2 years or that is aur are means that it may be multiple options are correct that according to this question answer the contact number is it is equals to X + iota why it is dead were here that I will be x minus 5 hours and for the solution can also know that it is not also said that there will be a square + Y square + z z y is equals to 2 Z is equal to this and that b is equals to this this equation you have X + b y + X - 5 x +
01:00 - 01:59X + Y - of X + 5 Y is equals to 2 Mod so can cancel it this and this selected with 2 in Mod + 2 Y is equals to 2 into common Mod of X + 2 Y is equals to 2 into comma from here you have get cancel of electron with Mod of X + modified Thar modified is equals to you need to remember reading that is equal to express that you can see that I want x minus y minus 1 + X + iota Y minus 5 is equal to 2 now
02:00 - 02:59you know the value of iota that can be written as I wrote of X + iota why it have X + iota square Y is equals to buy it now you have this as minus y + 1 Y - 3 + iota of X + Mod of X + Y - 1 in what is equals to so models w X square + Y square in the root can see that root of Y + 1 the whole square + x square + root of similarly a square x - 1 the whole square is equals to 2 now you can say that root of x square + Y square is equals to is equals to 2 - of root of x square + Y - 1 whole square square in both the
03:00 - 03:59side you have query both side it is easy to solve because you will be not there are no squaring both the sides will have X square + Y + 1 the whole square is equals to this is 4 + x square + Y - 1 the whole square minus 4 root of x square + Y - 1 the whole square y a minus b whole square is a square + b square minus 2 of a bill that y square + 2 x square is square Kansas left out with this in the whole square you can see that a square + b square + 2 AV a plus b the whole square this is what y square + 1 + 2 Y is equals to 4 + b square minus 2 Y + 1 opening with a minus b the whole square minus 4 root x square + Y - from the whole square again you left out with this cancel y square when is cancer selected for
04:00 - 04:59why because 2 Y + 2 Y - 4 is equals to minus 4 root of x square + Y - 1 the whole square protecting four common laptop with Y minus 1 by minus 1 is equal to minus of root of x square + Y - 1 the four square cigarette is complicated to solve again they are going to square it was query both the sides were left out with Y - 1 the whole square is equal to X square + Y - 1 the whole square minus 1 - vanished can see that from here by minus n square of cancers were left out with its square is equals to zero value will be what now the value of zeros in the equation number one that is this equation we can say that Mod of zero plus model Y is equals to 1 model Y is equals to 1 so why is nothing but plus minus the
05:00 - 05:59value of Y and X is equals to zero now you have done that is equals to W X Y and Z is equal to this supporting the value of x and y from this weekend is equals to X + iota why so when X is equals to zero and Y is equals to one can see that that will be what 0 + iota the answer is that is equals to to option number one option is correct 2018 will be -5 option is also correct and let's see about one upon a time when you ration I did it will be selected by a square with the thing that I water by -1 because I want a square is -1 to cancel this -5 which is that we can see that option is also right now what about the options given as one upon iota cube
06:00 - 06:59so I can say that I want a cube is what I square into the value of iota square is minus 1 into x minus 1 upon x cube is also called because that is equals to minus of all the options are correct in this question thank you

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