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Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


The complex number associated ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students today aur question is the complex number associated with the vertex A BC of triangle ABC are theatre Omega and Omega bar respectively where Omega and Omega Bara the complex cube of cube root of unity and Cos theta is greater than a part of Omega then the complex number of the point where angle bisector of a meets circumcentre of circumcircle of the triangle is so the solution of this version is firstly we draw the circle so Agar circle is so this is our circle now we have Omega Omega bar in a theatre are vertices

drop 3.7 so this is PowerPoint head is one point here is another and here and here so we join this as now join to this to that end this to so we name the point as this is our point a but XE of the triangle

here is our point B and this is a point c and this is our Queen D and the coordinates are given a vertex I thi tum here is omega there is omega bar now from this we can say that three points three vertices are equal distance from the origin CEO and the circumcenter of the triangle is the origin of the triangle So B and C represent we can write a b and c represent Omega and Omega bar this represent Omega and this represent Omega Baba

so this is substance at the Central angle of 2 pi by 3 so this angle is b c so this English to pi by 3 angle BAC is equal to BAC is equal to pi by 3 this is my property this angle is half of this so this is 53 let a deal with the angle bisector of Let add BD angle bisector of angle A where D lies on the circumcentre of ABC so

is equals to angle BAC is equal to angle Dab and this will equal to pi by 6 now we consider the angle subtended to minor arc of DB minor arc of db so Dab Jason Galti ab and AC and DC b is equals to pi by 6 so we can write a angled ab is equal to angle DCB and the syllabus to pi by 6 30 30 degree because this is 53 so 180 by 3 is equal to 60 and this is angle bisector so this is 30 and this is 30

now consider triangle beast CD here is our triangle b c and d b c and d this is our triangle so angle in triangle BCD in triangle abc D angle DCB single DC busy quotes to angle d b c so this is our angle d c and B this angle is equal to angle DBC this is by the property of Centre so that triangle is isosceles triangle is ISO kelas

Hans De lies on the perpendicular bisector of BC Sodi lies on the axis on the complex plane so the co-ordinate of Dr -10 so this is our answer thank you

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