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Class 10






Arithmetic Progressions


The common difference of the A...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello friends the question is the common difference of the ap ap is 1 by 2 V1 - 60 upon to be 1 - 12 upon topi is the options when was to be -2 B3 and -3 ok the APS what is the fee for one upon two second term is 1 - 6 b upon to be another term is 1 - 12V upon to be ok this is the first time this is S in this is that we have to find the common difference how we can write the common difference the common difference is a 2 - table 2 - 11 this is equals to 1 minus 6 b upon 2 b minus one upon to be this is equal to what is LCM

221 - 6 b - 111 Court pencil of one another got cancelled out this is equals to minus 6 b upon to be bnb Court cancel out and this is cancel out in three times so what is the value of D the value of the coming out to be -3 which option is -3 option number tea auction committee is -3 for this option is correct ok thank you

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