The coefficient of x^(n) in the expansion of (a+bx+cx^(2))/(e^(x)) is



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Updated On: 23-5-2021

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`(-1)^(n)/(n!){cn^(2)-(b+c)(n+a}``(-1)^(n)/(n!){cn^(2)+(b+c)(n+a}``(-1)^(n)/(n!){cn^(2)+(b+c)(n-a}`none of these

Solution :
We have <br> `(a+bx+cx^(2))/(e^(x))=ae^(-x)+bxe^(-x)+cx^(2)e^(-x)` <br> =coefficient of `x^(n) "in" (a+bx+cx^(2)+ex)` <br> =coefficient of `x^(n) in (ae^(-x)+bxe^(-x)+cx^(2)e^(-x)` <br> `=a("coeff of" x^(n)) in e^(-x))+b("coeff of" x^(n-1)) in e^(-x)+("coeff of" x^(n)-2) in e^(-x))` <br> `=a(-1)^(n)/(n!)-bn(-1)^(n)/(n!)+c(-1)^(n)n(n-1)/(n!)` <br> `=(-1)^(n)/(n!){a-bn+cn(n-1)}`



00:00 - 00:59Halloween Sohal kosali decoction x to the power n in expansion of 1 + b a property how can we write this thing oneplus x open 1 battery exercise 8.2 class 8 dash dash Xtra power and upon the extension of due to the party with we want to find the extension of e to the power minus x square + 3 x minus 6 extension of
01:00 - 01:59one plus minus 1 upon 1 ok Plus minus 1 by 2 and similarly if I remove this - from the spot and what it is -12 Court n x to the power n upon and a + b x + 3 x square into oneplus minus x minus x upon 150 - x square x to go and come and you want to
02:00 - 02:59coefficient of x to the power 8 MP3 possibility to find the coefficient of X forgotten tx200 from here and takes to the power n problem if I take take to prevent from here to from the text and expect from here so we need to take x to the power n minus to come here and text into text and medicine we get what can I get everything to me X ^ patient of x to the power 0 is 1 a and coefficient of x to
03:00 - 03:59the power n from the expansion what is -1 to talk and text in upon and factory what we should let it be coefficient of x to the power n -1 is -1 to the power n minus 1 into X ^ this will be X1 and X2 the invention the comfort x n factorial of N -1 into text and minus 2 x to the power n and minus 2 factorial
04:00 - 04:59what you doing just a common x minus 1 to the power n Hindu text Gate what we hear left with this thing can become in mind distinct and factorial and management and this is something like it as - 1 to the power n -1 and the whole thing but basically if I take a moment and
05:00 - 05:59petroleum what why what can be written as and and -2 and -1 multiply distinct ok this is a minus b b play into n this will be as this is my mind this is what the coefficient of this thing is to this option so
06:00 - 06:59what we have is it with something here any ok a minus b + c square and - this is what this will be looking at this instant water heater n2n and we don't have a slip something option I get so what I do this again
07:00 - 07:59common word not equal to something CNS and pns automatically so option not match eclipse

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