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The coefficient of t^4 in ((1-...

The coefficient of `t^4` in `((1-t^6)/(1-t))^3` (a) `18` (b) `12` (c) `9` (d) `15`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : B


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Pyar the questions given that the coefficient of T4 in permanently power 6 by 1 minus b whole cube Govinda to find the coefficient of people for the question it is given that Aur Main St 1 -2 whole power 6 by on 1st whole cube 24 year 1 -2 power 6 by 4 minus b whole cube evacancy 1 -3 power 6 whole cube into 1 minus 3 minus 3 year we can see it is in the form of a minus b whole cube you are we can see a cube minus b cube minus 3 into 3 on 3D cube 86 a square b + here we can see 3T power 18

Xperia Z1 - 3 - the next it is here here there is one from that is 1 - X whole power medicine uses both and coefficient of x power is power plus or minus one see the question of the power 4 is equal to 4 is equal value of n is equal to 3 + the value of 4 is equal to 4 minus C value equals to 4 year we get 6 c4k this one will get the philosopher their 6 factorial by to Sector into effect or affect

forget care chal 562 123 cm equals to 15 final answer Vigyan the district in which is options here we can write answer that we thank you