The co-ordinates of two vertices of Delta ABC are A(3,2,-4) and B(-2,3,-1). If its centroid is (3,1,0), then find the co-ordinates of vertex C.



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Updated On: 3-6-2021

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Answer :
(8, -2, 5)
Solution :



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone the question is the coordinates of two vertices of triangle ABC are 8 32 - 4 and b - 23 -1 if its centroid is 3.0 then find the coordinates of vertically so we are given a triangle ABC and two opposite vertices also its centroid is given to us and we need to find the coordinates of the third vertex it will let me first considered a triangle ABC to this is my favourite water is 32 and -4 I have been as - 23 - 1 and of SI I need to find it at that this is the centroid ji to the coordinates of ji are given to mi A3 10 now let us see what is the coordinator of ji for any arbitrary values of the coordinates given it is equivalent to X 1 + X 2 + 3 by 3
01:00 - 01:59Bible + Y2 + Y 3/3 Z1 Plus Z2 plus z33 where X1 Y1 is a X2 Y2 Z to be an extra y3 z3 coordinator of T letter substitute the values here we are given coordinates of GS 310 this is equivalent to x minus 3 X 2 x minus 2 and 3 is x divided by 3 + 3 + why I am taking the values of by hair / 3 now that values - 4 - 1 + that / 3 letters simplify this first year 2 3 - 2 will be oneplus X by 3 3 + 2 will be 5 + 5 by 3 and this will be -5
02:00 - 02:59plus z3 Now letter simplify this by comparison the first of all I can see at coordinator will compared to that will come 3 equal to 1 + 1 by 3 if I A Y co-ordinate it will come 122 5 + 5 by 3 and a z co-ordinate it will be equal to minus 5 + 3 latest all which of these one by one if I talk about X it will be 9 to 1 + 1 and this will employ X equal to it ok if I talk about why it will be three equal to 5 + Y and Y comes out to be -2 ok if I talk about that 20 equal to minus 5 + that and this implies that equal to 5 so now my vertex the co-ordinate I can write as 8 - 25 and this was told to find in the question
03:00 - 03:59will be my final answer thank you

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