The Cartesian equation of the plane vec r=(1+lambda-mu) hat i+(2-lambda) hat j+(3-2lambda+2mu) hat k is a. 2x+y=5 b. 2x-y=5 c. 2x+z=5 d. 2x-z=5



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Updated On: 24-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59now we're going to solve this 3D question which says to find the cartesian equation of the plane where we have the are vector is equal to the Spectre so first we will write the same are vector by separating the terms this would be ICAP + 2 x j cap + 3 x k cap + Lambda X ICAP - 2 J cap - 2 k cap + 2 x minus y + 2 k i hope it is clear out here now we know that my plane would pass through to i + 2 + 3 k therefore it would pass through 1238 and we also know that my plane is parallel
01:00 - 01:59to these vectors this vector and the Spectre that's right is vectors which h i j -2 and -1 i-plus took a vector right it's suppose that this is my Airtel capital a vector and this is my capital the vector right now we will find now we can say that my and is perpendicular to a vector and n is also to be with therefore we will find the direction of N by a vector cross b vector write letter write it down so my and would be i j k a vector
02:00 - 02:59is the capital vector that would be -102 and we would be 1 -1 -2 this will give MI 2i + ke so here we have the direction of n and we know that the equation of a plane is our vector.and vector is equal to tea and also know that our method is nothing but just text ICAP + 4 j cap + 3 k cap right now let's let's put the values over here and find the value of a plane so erected is text ICAP + Y + Z ki kya X predicted with two i +
03:00 - 03:59K cap that would be De right just let me think the colour it would be much more easier for you to view it right so that this will read my question would be 2 X + Z is equal to de so this is the equation of the plane that we will get but we were there we have to find the value of D and we also know that my plane would pass through these points 1232 let's put these points here and find the value of T point star 123 it would be to x x is equal to 12 + that when value is 3 is equal to 3 therefore my ID is 55 therefore the equation of my plane
04:00 - 04:59is 2 x + Z is equal to 5 so this is my final answer let's not with the option which is which are given to us 2x + Z is equal to 5 2 X + 8 is equal to 5 the path is the correct answer thank you

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