The average gas mileage for n vehicles on one car lot is 21 miles per gallon. The average gas mileage for p vehicles on another car lot is 25 miles per gallon. When the vehicles on both lots are combined, the average gas mileage is 22.5 miles per gallon. What is the value of (p)/(n)?



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Updated On: 7-6-2020

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Difficult: Hard <br> Category: Problem Solving and Data Analysis/ Statistics and Probability. <br> Strategic Advice: In some questions, you can't find the value of individual variables, but you can find a comparison (or ratio) of the variables. In questions such as these, start with definitions and formula that you know, start with definations and formulas that you know, and work toward the requested ratio. <br> Getting to the Answer: The average of a set of values is the sum of the values divided by the number of values. Use the formation provided in the question to fill in as much information as you can about the two car lots. You might want to give the lots names, such as Lot A and Lot B: <br> Lot A: <br> avg gas mileage`=("sum of gas mileage on Lot A.")/("number of vehicles on Lot A")` <br>`21=("sum"_(A))/(n) to 21n="sum"_(A)` <br> Lot B: <br> avg gas mileage`=("sum of gas mileage on Lot B.")/("number of vehicles on Lot B")` <br>`25=("sum"_(B))/(n) to 25n="sum"_(B)` <br> Now, put the averrages together: <br> Lot A + Lot B <br> avg gas mileage`=("sum on Lot A+sum on Lot B")/(" vehicles on Lot A+vehicles on B")` <br>`22.5=("sum"_(A)+"sum"_(B))/(n+p)` <br> If may not seem like you're making progress, but you're actually very close. You're looking for the ratio of p over n so substitute 21n for `"sum"_(A)` (found earlier) and 25p for `"sum"_(B)` and simplify the equation by cross-multiplying and combining like terms: <br> `(22.5)/(1)=(21n+25p)/(n+p)` <br> `21n+25p=22.5(n+p)` <br> `21n+25p=22.5n+22.5p` <br> `2.5p=1.5n` <br> `(p)/(n)=(1.5)/(2.5)` <br> to remove the decimals from the fraction, multiply the numerator and dominator by 2 to get `(p)/(n)=(3)/(5)`,which matches (C).



00:00 - 00:59hello on 1 crore lot of questions we cannot find the value of individual produce variable but we can find the comparison is the ratio we cannot find this question we cannot find the individual values of P and n but we can find the ratio ok to work towards the answer word start with the definition of the formulas that we know the formula of average
01:00 - 01:59it is given here there to love letters in a lot lot lot lot lot average gas mileage ecosystem mileage number Vahi quality also it would be the same formula but for be ok for not so
02:00 - 02:59good but I am considering a sum of mileage is available in the lot in the most mileage of each vehicle on what is considered to be some a and number of vehicles given in the question is in Antha number of vehicles in Ba sum of mileage of each vehicle in not be will be summed it ok to put together because they are to find the ratio of people and the average is 22.5 combine flour in the us together practice as the average of a is a bi
03:00 - 03:59MP3 bhakti ok together lot A plus not be average on a flash on the lord be provided by vehicle on PC just average after compiling is given to us in the question that is 22.5 is equal to 21 21 25 this is also given A
04:00 - 04:59M A N 70 20 MB MB MB is P A R A equation can be written as 21 ancient education can be written as 25 class 12 notes in Bettiah ok now this equation we can take a + b cos x to 22.5.18 + 3 is equal to 1 + 25 ok this is also
05:00 - 05:592.5 M letter to the same site list and describe this exercise 2.5 Dehati convert a 2 - because we are taking it from equal to one side equal to 1 INR equal to -1 and divided Ti bi bi bi bi bi
06:00 - 06:591.5.5 numerator and denominator by to because we have to option in the option there is no decimal given you have to remove the decimal both nominated and denominator is the answer and it is given as options in the question

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