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Application Of Integrals


The area of the circle x^2+y^2...

The area of the circle `x^2+y^2=16`exterior to the parabola `y^2=6x`is(A) `4/3(4pi-sqrt(3))` (B) `4/3(4pi+sqrt(3))`(C) `4/3(8pi-sqrt(3))` (D) `4/3(8pi+sqrt(3))`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : the given equations is `x^2+y^2=16...(i)`<br> `y^2=6x.....(ii)`<br> Area bounded by the circle and parabola <br> = `[ area(OADO) +area(ADBA)]` <br> = `2[ int_0^2 sqrt(16x)dx + int_2^4 sqrt(16-x^2)dx]` <br> `2[sqrt(6) {(x^(3/2) /(3/2))}_0^2 ] + 2[ (x/2)sqrt(16-x^2) + (16/2)sin^-1(x/4)]_2^4` <br> solve the equation <br> we get `(4/3)[4pi +sqrt(3)]` units <br> Area of circle = `pi(r)^2 = pi(4)^2 =16pi`units <br> Hence<br> Required area = `16pi -(4/3)[4pi +sqrt(3)]`


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everyone in this question the area of the circle X square + Y square is equals to 16 exterior to the parabola y square is equals to 6 x is showing solution part we have to find area this is the equation of circle and this is our parabola we have to find the area exterior to this path means we have to find this area superstar we find area of the circle and subtract that area so we find that area near the equation is given as X square + Y square is equals to 16 and x square y square is equals to 6 x is every question number second show the intersection of both Garv solving first and second X square + 6 x minus 16 = 20 here X is equals to 2 and X is equals to minus

it so forex is equals to minus it is not possible for exercise 22 the values root 2 well and 2 minus root 12 hour points of intersection so the area is equals to total area minus area interior Tum first government S karo so the total area of circle is given as the radius of circle is 4 so area is given Aspire square it means 16 Pi - the area of interior part it Curtis to and it is

given as 40 it is to comma 0 to the integration from 0 to 2 root 6 into root x dx + integration 224 under root of 4 square minus x square DX this is V wise so 16 Pi minus 2 into root 2 into root 3 into 2 by 3 x to the power 3 by 2 022 + 1 by 2 into 2 X under root of 16 - X square + a square which is 16 Sin inverse of X by 4 from 22 for on putting limit 16 Pi -

4 root 2 by root 3 into 2 root 2 Plus on putting limits it becomes zero and its Just Cause 2 16 Sin inverse 1 - onboarding here it comes to route to wale -16 Sin inverse of 1 by 2016 Pi minus 16 by root 3 plus 8 by minus 4 root 3 minus 8 by by 3 the value are 16 by - 4 by root 3 + 16 by 35 phone solving it

It's become 32 upon 3 minus 4 root 3 on taking 4 by 3 is common it comes 85 - Rotary square units so h option third is correct