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The area of a ring is 528cm^(...

The area of a ring is 528cm^(2) and the radius of the outer circle is 17 cm . Find : <br> (i) the radius of the smaller circle . <br> (ii) the width of the ring.



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Updated On: 25-4-2021

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Answer :
(i) 11 cm <br> (ii) 6 cm



00:00 - 00:59hello the questions were the area of a ring is 528 cm find the radius of a circle is 17 cm find the radius of the Sparrow cycle and the width of the rain so hair given at the area of ring radius of incircle radius of a circle is equal to let se capital R 17cm we will find the area of a circle service can we calculate vi Pi capitalist and 5 in taken out 22 upon 7 and radius 2017 17 in 2729 22 in 2289 87 ok 289 X 22 services
01:00 - 01:59807 so this is one of equal to 90890 8.28 ok the outer circle area of 28 CM square find the area of inner circle ring looks like this area and the outer circle inner circle so how can we calculate 98 - 28 is equal to 3
02:00 - 02:598.28 CM can ok this is the which sorry this is the area of the circle of radius of circle in a smaller circle know that this area 3.28 will be equal to radius R is equal to 3 85285 22 upon 7 27 goes to danger this is equal to 26622 finally we will get 120 square is equal to 121 smallest square root of 128 of 11 radius of a circle
03:00 - 03:59addresses of first part question is asking for smaller circle 11 question asking so B how can we calculate the insert tractor small videos from capital areas that makes radius of a circle from a radius of smaller circle circle radius given already 17 - 11 11 17 and the unit volume 7 cm is the final answer this question

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