The area of a DeltaABC is b^(2)-(c-a)^(2). Then ,tan B =



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Updated On: 29-5-2021

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`4/3``3/4`8/15none of these

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59the area of triangle ABC is B square minus in bracket C minus 1 whole square then x is equal to now in this question we need to find 10B let's start with what is given V B square minus in bracket C minus a whole square and this is equal to area of triangle Delta this is given this is a square minus b square form so we can write is it as b + bracket C minus A bracket bracket into into in bracket B minus in racket C minus A which is a + b into a minus b now this is equal to Delta this is given to see this is this is the bracket will be b + c minus A bracket is B
01:00 - 01:59+ a minus b minus C and this is equal to Delta now we know that to s s s m e v m is equal to a + b + c a + b + c o c i can write this bracket a + b + c minus 2 a adding and subtracting a from this bracket and this is a + b + c minus 2 sin a + b + c is 2S therefore this bracket will change to this will be a - 2A and it will be to S - to see and this is equal to Delta now taking two common from both the bracket we will get 4 into x minus A into x minus 3 and this is equal to Delta this is what we get now
02:00 - 02:59quick Android 1 by 4 1 by 4 is equal to x minus A into x minus C whole divided by Delta this is what we get now she to solve this question you need to know a formula which is turn off turn off any Angle B A B by 2 is equal to x minus 1 divided by x minus 3 and whole divided by Delta now see from this and this we can write 1 by 4 is equal to 10 by2 let me right that this will be can be by 2 is equivalent to 1 by 4 one before now minut time be now you need to know another identity of trigonometry which is pan of
03:00 - 03:59theta is equal to 2 into 10 of theta by 2 divided by 1 minus 10 square theta by 2 this is the formula in trigonometry now using this formula we can write turn off be turn off we will be equal to 2 into 1 before and this whole divided by 1 minus 1 by 16 1 by 16 now seeing this item will be 15 / 16 therefore will be equal to 24 will be one by two 1 by 2 into this will be this will be 16 / 15 16 / 15 which is equal to this is equal to 8 by 15 15 15 H and B which is our final
04:00 - 04:59Satna hornet check the option option she is matching therefore she will be our final answer

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