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Class 12






Application Of Integrals


The area bounded by the y=2-x^...

The area bounded by the `y=2-x^2a n d\ x+y=0` is (a)`7/2s qdotu n i t s` b. `9/2\ s qdotu n i t s` c. `9\ s qdotu n i t s` d. none of these

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello women so here we have a question that area bounded by the Vikings 22 - x square and X + Y = 20 days we have to check which option is correct so the question first of all I am going to make graph for this given equation so here is my graph ok now location points to make Intezar y = 2 - x square is basically downside starting from the 2012 and their starting from here and it is somewhere on the axis is marked and this is my y-axis hope you already know that and on putting Y = 0 will become root 2 and minus root 2 minus root 2 and root to suppose ok and biography look like something like that now the question

we have to find the area bounded by this cup and the line this is my line which is nothing but X = Oregon se X + Y = 0 means y minus y cube minus x me the line tilted on the x-axis from the opposite side and with a 45-degree angle like that we have to find the area bounded by the curve and be hard to find the intersection point of the line and the curb this and this point so I need to put this equation over here so I can write by 2 minus x square into put the value of my hair so value of Y is nothing but minus x minus 6 years it will be

like this and it will x square minus x minus 2 equal to zero when I factorise this thing I got X + 1 and x minus 2 equal zero from here I got x = 2 - 1 and X is equal to this point should be -1.2 be 21 x and y are you can find the value of Y so I am just writing here if this is -1 then putting management b-1 ok I am waiting to hear -2 now I am going to find the area of the shaded region to basically my required area it is nothing but integration I am taking my voice trip ok I'm taking a step mean the vertical

ok so this should be it is nothing but Vaidya age limit - 12 - 12 Dil Mein topic but it is nothing but it is looked like the area under this complete this area will become this ad - the area below this dichotomy line this is my aquarium so basically I'm going to write here -122 my why for my parabola it is nothing but to minus x square writing here it is to minus x square - integration from -122 De equation of line equation of line is this writing it here

limited time so I can write this in under one integration only when will be -122 to minus x square + at it is my complete function we have to integrate this thing so basically we already know that if we have integration of x raise to the power and the exhibit b = 2 X raise to the power n + 1 over and + 1 + 3 but their Bihar The Definite Integration that's why we don't have any see we got a pineapple you now this thing so basically integration of two it is nothing but 12 integration of x squared 2x cube 3 + integration of x b x square what to and had will be -122 to put the limits ok so 2 x 2 - 2 cube over 38 - 3 + 4 hour 2 + 3 -

because we have the rule upper limit - lower limit ok that's why this is fine now here on writing and putting the lower limit PB 2 x minus 1 minus minus 1 cube over three plus minus one square over to this I will get this is 4 and this will become a minus minus become and it will also plus ok because this is minus and this will be - ok and hear it will be plus so because this man is Ambika -1 something that I will get 9 over to square unit required area ok let's check the option option B which is 9 over two square unit is the correct thank you


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