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Application Of Integrals


The area bounded by the loop o...

The area bounded by the loop of the curve `4y^2=x^2(4-x^2)` is (a)7/3 sq. units (b) `8/3s qdotu n i t e s` `(11)/3s qdotu n i t s` (d) `(16)/3s qdotu n i t s`


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hello students questions in set theory that the area bounded by the loop of the curve y square is equals to x square into 4 minus x square is and area given that your in option to let's find out area your first name given by y square is equal to x square minus x square firstly it was clear that put in place of left foot X is equals to minus 1 minus x in place of Exo K so that your that 4 y square is equal to minus x square and 4 minus minus x square so if you want this

this question will be the 44 - 4 - x square now again Y minus y minus y square is equal to square solving this equation question aur y square is equal to x square into x square so we can say that there will be no change if it changes if x is equals to minus x and y is equals to management

so we can say that the days are in the symmetric form ok so in the symmetry for we can say that the aircraft will be at the before that if we put x is equals to X is equals to zero then their point me within 200 why ok and if this would X is equals to 2 x is equal to 2 then their point against 0 and if we put x is equal to minus 2 minus 2 then value of Y is again 0 craft craft -2 and here is the two together graph is about of cement xx

Vikas bhai building is zero so we can say that the metric and we know that the Sharepoint 2010 - 2000 we have to find the area discounted area so if you know that the these are the symmetric so if you find this area if we find the only this area and be multiplied with A4 so we get the same will get the all the bonded area ok so be right here that required required area =

we say that we say that this area contact area is so weak that is reason is 4 into it and it was getting into an integral that reason is 022 so here we put 2022 and equation why TX and here it is better or in 2022 and the X by 2 under root 1 - x square x and now we put the input or minus x square is equals to t7v differentiated this with respect to 30 square with respect to differentiate with respect to X so it will be the minus 2 x x is equals to Ooty

to cancel the value of x if x is equals to minus all the value in the limit will also change Ok so it mean by 2 minus and your 220 song X value of x dx because - we take an already inside outside of their integrity and put into square in the under root so it will be again so it will be the p square and organ with differentiated with respect with respect to it so it will be the year is the -2 and inter bracket that is

Kyon by 3 minus 2 by 3 and we put your limit 220 and lower limit is 200 Kyon -2 cube and this will be close to the 16 by 3 the required answer ok