Class 12






Application Of Integrals


the area between the curves y...

the area between the curves `y= x^2` and `y =4x` is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Given curves are `x^2=y and y=4x` <br>Intersection points are `(0,0) and (4,16)`<br>Required Area `= int_0^4(4x-x^2)dx`<br>`[(4x^2)/2-x^3/3]_0^4` <br>`[32-64/3]`<br>`=32/3`sq unit


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in this question the area between the curve Y is equals to x square and Y is equals to X is given where to find so in solution part first check withdraw the graph of both lines and karo decoration of line Y is equal to 4 x is passing through origin intergraph b + 2 x square is passing from theatre so beautiful find the point of intersection of that curve with that line so given Garv ise customer care equation first given line y is equals to 4 x change calling both x square is equals to 4 x square - 4 x is equals to zero x minus 4

Y is equals to zero it means that point of intersection at X is equals to zero and X is equals to for this point for zero X is equals to integers X is equals to for so the value of why is equals to zero and wise custom 16 we have to find the area bounded between both the curve area bounded by first time and second is given is the entry creation Y is equals to 4 x minus x square DX from 0 to 4 so integration of 4 x square

by 2 - x cube by 3 and the limit is from 0 to 4 on putting limits it becomes 32 - 64 by 3 so the area is 32 by 3 square unit this is a required answer