The area between the arms of the curve |y|=x^(3) from x = 0 to x = 2 is



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Updated On: 19-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Keshav the given question here we have is the area between the arms of the curve Mod by course w x cube from x = 2012 equal to 2 years basic app to find area formed by these conditions of the lines have ok Subah Se edition but here it is that I have to find area for this curve which is what why not beacause w x cube so basically this Ko can ask to possible values i5 - of x cube and what place of x cube died after removing the mode to draw this a curve on the corner Texas a m offers propose about my contact us here I have write access and I have to draw a curve for vehicles XUV know that was the curve Y equal to x cube is a something like this one ok something goes like this one on the the success that because w X upon x cube and it would never let you go I have now it is that I have to find the value for the line also for what is equal to
01:00 - 01:591st Cross Road to so basically it's suppose is my point zero zero and X equal to two wheeler somewhere here right this might too so I can see that now if I draw line year ke naye should devote something like this and also there's a line also on this but it is not zero I have hair on the corner Texas ok so basically I just got all the figures and what I do now I have to find the area of which part exactly I looked really I have to find the area of what this reason this whole reason I have ok this is my what y-axis is my x-axis ok and if I have to find the area of this recently I can see that these two parts which one is the curve for basically this men's makeup for why could Fix You first and is my for Microsoft - of x cube can see that then this is my line basically 11946 equal to what do I have to find the area of this part in this part and clearly we can see that these two passports metric
02:00 - 02:59so if I found if I found only the part of this above reason right of this positive 1 season of this positive attitude reason so I can easily find the area of this reason and then I can twice the area of this reason ok it will give me the total area should I do I am going to make a small line right which is my dear ok and we know that is what this and it was having a limit of to now have to do I have to find the area of what this is a number of reasons why can write here my area ok my areas what ok if I have to find the area I can see that I have to find the error in terms of What exercise we have to find the alien x w x spectra of X ok so this can be done as hear what is the points of limit I have any S 400 and the last point is what maximalism go to basically what to comma something I have read this one took over something on women's T20 so this will become what integration is not in terms of vortex to become 022 and DX I have a girl in terms of
03:00 - 03:59text is my smallest repair in this DX and what is the value of Y Y value for this curve Y is what x cube write this will become I have to write down near by DX ok so this will become my area with your 2022 Y values vortex you in terms of x x red and you know the what is the duration of this part we know that this isn't what it says that XN write my ex and integration of we can say DF is what x to the power n + 1 by N + 1 is integration so I can explain here or you can use this property hear this will become this is an update to the power 3 + 2 x to the power 3 + 1 divided by 3 + 1 write with limit of what 022 ok so this will be X having note fore Bai fore 8022 ok so this will become what this will become ^ 4 - 0 having a pair of 4/4 this award resolution day 16 by 4 tractor
04:00 - 04:59that my area my area is what it Note 8 basically this is my 4 this is my for wedding coming out so memory movie night it clearly hear my areas basically what 4 OK but is this area will actually required to found no this is only the half of the area just isolated it is the half portion is this reason area have I have to eat to find the total area of these people have to do twice while you have to multiply two side Sumit total area or I can say my a value or two times of a trade this will become my 80 value is what do in 24 so my area total area especially 8 square units I can clearly see that I am l w a t square units so basically this is the answer going to receive for this curve value we are saying ok so this is what it is square unit I have

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