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Class 11






Model Test Paper - 17


The adjoining diagram shows a ...

The adjoining diagram shows a relation between the set A and B. Write this relation <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> (i) In roster form <br> (ii) In set builder form

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : `R={(4,2),(4,-2),(9,3),(9,-3),(25,5),(25,-5)}` <br> (ii) R={(x,y)`|x=y^(2),xinA,yinB}`


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in this question interesting adjoining diagram for a relation between set a and set we write this relation the first is in roster form set this is a this is your set this is sure to let sports write this relation from set it to sagdi in Rocher what we do we write the elements is the relation A to B is the proper motion of relation are now from relation are you will see which element is paired with which element of set to write it the relation R if you write the elements so that

24 B minus 2 and 4 with two so you have 4 with -2 and you have 4 with two not similarly for night you have -3 and have plus 3 29 - 3 and you have 9 + 3425 also you have -5 from set a of 25 is also paired with you were right 25 with positive this is your relation R in roster form first you will write that this is the solution of if I want to write in set builder form no in set builder form the make a connection between these two elements to make a General eyes expression to hear if you

observe closely than this 4 is a square of this - 24 is a square of 29 is square of -39 square 3 that you are going to write that are is a relation contain ordered pair X and Y such that such that x is equal to Y and also must belong to set a and why must believe this is your stay out for these elements here to see when you are takes aktu BTech 2 = 2 values of why will come out to + - 22 that we have included here this is -2 this is to so here we have the

equals to y square it should belongs to set by should belong to this is the statement for the solution


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