The 10th and 18th terms of an A.P. are 41 and 73 respectively. Find 26th term.


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hello station given is 8810 term and the 18th term of an ap is equal to 41 and 7344 6th term of the AP ok showing now for sale in this question first right on the given information given permission is 10th term directed by 8 and is equals to 41 and 18th term is equals to 73 and we have to find out 26 term of the AP location now for solve this question is the call of The Anthem Anthem for 2 and -1 in 2D ok now find the 10th Term plan from sweating and costing we get a + b into the 10th term is equals to a + tan -1 is 9 question number 1 similarly find out the 18th term
eating is equals to a plus b minus 1 into the value of 18 In The Anthem for now we get 18th term is equals to 18th term is equals to a + 18 - 2017 scholarship question number 2 using by using equation 1 and 2 we can find out the value of a and now write down the given equation A + 17 is equal to know here one more step that I am wanted to add is that the value of 10th term given is 41a plus 9 Din this question number 1 and tier one more step
eating from given is 73 just put the value of 18 + 17 D and call this as equation number 2 location now Nitin safipur Ki Dor solution A plus 17 D = 273 from Kishan to and a + A + 90 is equal to given is 41 now changed the sign and using elimination method find out the value of the now hear any get cancer 17 is equal to which is equals to minus 1 is equal to 32 from here right and night equal to 32 by 8 and 9 here it divides 3632 in four times and we get the value of D value is equal to
now put the value of DM kutta value of being in equation to find out the value of a now equation a equation Ministries 41a plus 9 location now put the value of the in the situation 9 into value of 4 + 4 is equal to 36 24 36 and Evil 2 is equals to 5 if value is equal to 5 we get the first term and common difference now we have to calculate the value of 26 term for calculating the 26th test used for
and minus 1 into location now to 5 + root 2 value for now 26 26 25 into 25 + 25 into 420 system is equals to 1050 26 term of the ap is equal to 10 power answer thank you

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