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Class 11






Conic Sections


Tangents are drawn to the hype...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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question is tendon tangents are drawn to the higher for having the equation 3 x square - 2 x square is equal to 25 from the point having the code in 8085 by to find their equations that start that tangent to the Hai per bola to the I per bola is given by is given by we know that will be close to why that will be cos 2A maths plus minus under root of a square minus b square now we can say that since it report 805/2 so we can say therefore

there we can say are 5 by 2 that will be caused to be have under root of 25 square divided by minus 25 by to so we can say hair from where we can write the value of M the value of M that will be we have equal to plus minus 3 by 2 so now we can say returns and drawn from the hyperbolic that having the equation there is passing through the point 0 5 by 2 so we can say therefore by putting the value in our tangent to the parabola equation that is why is equal to X + A minus under root a square A minus b can we get the value of M that we have plus minus plus minus 3 by 2 we can say

final answer thank you

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