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Tangent are drawn from the point (3, 2) to the ellipse x^2+4y^2=9 . Find the equation to their chord of contact and the middle point of this chord of contact.



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Updated On: 21-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59cotton is tangent drawn from the point 32 to the ellipse having the question as square + 4 y square equal to 9 find the equation to their code of contact at the middle point of this code of contacts so we have given the equation of ellipse equation of ellipse that will be equal to X square + 4 y square that will be equal to 9 Sona we can say that equation equation of code of contact contact is equal to zero we can see from here X into we have text Into X 1 + 4 Y into Y1 dead or because 29 by putting the value of X and Y is equal to 3 and 2 then we have left into three plus 4 into
01:00 - 01:59that will be equal to minus 3 X + 8 Y that will be custom and we can say this question number first arrived at the middle point middle point of chord of contact of contact the akoma ke Sona we can also write equation of chord of contact equation of chord of contact when midpoint mid point is given equal to dash dash sunao from where we can write the equation X X Into X + 4
02:00 - 02:59Wide Angle B equal to X square + case we can say this will be our question number second one or we can supply it now we know that equation 1 and 2 are creation of same line question of same line so we can say you can stay here we can write at by 3 will be close to the 4K by 8 that will be going to X square + Y square by 9 because we know that one and S R creation of same plane ride from where we can write the value that will be close to a square + b square the answer this question number 3rd and we can also write to add that will be caused 23 ke we can say this is why we question number 4 sunao substituting substituting
03:00 - 03:59equation for in third we get we get 27 that X square + 4 x square by substituting after falling this we have 13 x square - 27 at that will be closed 2018 Diwali offer after so long that will be cause 2027 by 13 if we can say if we have at is equal to zero then our value of k that will be caused to all 20 week and right so the middle point So middle point So middle point of chord of contact of contact is zero Hour
04:00 - 04:59so now we can stay equation of line equation of line joining the point that is 20 and recommend to is we have Y - 0 Dettol because 22 - 0 divided by 3 minus zero into we have x minus zero Sona we can see it from here it will be equal to 3 Y is equal to 2 so we can say and prove that the value of 3 by that will be ko thank you

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