Class 12






Trigonometric Ratios And Transformation Formulas



`tan100^0+tan125^0+tan100^0tan125^0` is equal to


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : D
Solution : `tan (100^(@)+125^(@))=(tan 100^(@)+tan 125^(@))/(1-tan100^(@)tan125^(@))` <br> `tan225^(@)=(tan100^(@)+tan125^(@))/(1-tan100^(@)Tan125^(@))` <br> i.e. `1=(tan 100^(@)+tan 125^(@))/(1-tan100^(@)tan125^(@))` <br> i.e. `tan 100^(@)+tan125^(@)+tan100^(@)tan 125^(@)=1`


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hi students are question is the value of 10 hundred degrees + tan 125 degrees plus 100 degrees into 10 125 degrees is equal to so in the question we are going to use and formula of tan A + tan a + b is equal to 10 A + tan B write 10 A + tan B over 1 minus 10 into 10 this is the formula of you are going to use in this question so firstly we can say that 10 to 25 write the value for 10 to 25 is equal to tan 180 + 45 right audience it is also equal to 10 hundred plus 125 sui se the tan 180 + 45 the slide in third quadrant so we can say the value of this will be equal to tan 45 degrees which is equal to now we have

Al formula of tan a + b square is hundred 20 125 so it will be 10 it will be ten hundred plus 10 125 over 1 minus 10 hundred degrees into 10 125 degrees so we can say tan 45 from the table is tight and 10 write ten hundred plus 10 12510 125 over 1 minus 10 hundred degrees 10 125 degree now via cross multiply in this so we can see it will be 1 -10 100° than 125 degrees which is equal to 10 hundred degrees plus 10 125 degrees so here we can say that and 100 degrees plus 10

125 degrees you are transferring this to the right inside it will be less than 100 degrees then 125 degree to the value will be equal to 1 write the value will be equal to 1 and this is the answer