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Class 11






Relations And Functions


Taking A={1,2,3,4},B={4,5} in ...

Taking `A={1,2,3,4},B={4,5}` in Ex.8, represent `AxxB` and `BxxB` pictorially, using arrows.

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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the question is taking is equal to 1 2 3 4 MB is equal to 45 what do we need to do we need to represent a cross B MP3 pictorially using Arrow in Arrow diagram now using this error drawing how to create the cell diagram so what is given in this question is equal to 1 2 3 and b is equal to 45 now we can represent both of these stats as because we have to represent a cross B can represent each of these sets as this 1234 these are the elements of a this is set at Old Delhi

and this is 45 pitori now these are the two sides now in this do we need to do we need to represent a cross B how can you represent a cross B each element of a will have an image in now we can represent by connecting the one with 410 to with 4 then 3 with 4 then 484 Discover with four now we can do similarly connect one with five connect to with five connect 3 with 5 and Connect phone with five now we have to also signify the Arrow Arrow spontan 124 it is significant that the reaction is from A to B we can write we can draw an error in your

nelso Thyrocare here here here and here so this is the arrow diagram of a recipient a cross B similarly we can do it for B cross pure so so this will be happy this will be attending And the another set is also be this is 45 and we have to represent because I relation now because B4 is related to 44 is related to 55 is related to 45 is related to buy this will be the arrow diagram ok so this was the arrow diagram of B Cross with this is the solution


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