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Suppose f(x) is a function satisfying the folowing conditions: <br> (i)f(0)=2,f(1)=1 <br> (ii) f(x) has a minimum value at `x=(5)/(2)` <br> (iii) for all xf'(x)= `|{:(2ax,2ax-1,2ax+b+1),(b,b+1,-1),(2(ax+b),2ax+2b+1,2ax+b):}|` <br> The number of solutions of the equation f(x) +1=0 is

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Text Solution

(A)0(B)1(C)2(D) infinite

Answer :


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hello students today occasion is suppose effects is a function satisfying the following condition as zero is to F1 is one and effects as a many maximum value at 5 by 2 and 4 all fds X is equals to 2 x 2 X + 2 X + 1 and these are given values and number of solution of the equation of X + 1 = 20 so we have to find the number of solution so the solution of this question is even we wish all along 7 and 7 - 33 and column to column 2 - columns from here we can write f of X is equals to minus b

minus b + 13 + 1 and be here is a minus b + 2 + b + 2 + b + 1 nearest way X + b + 1 - 12 x + b and Rowan we have solder column now Roman is equal to Roman + 2201 + root 2 and root 3 X 2 root 3 minus root 2 from where we get f of X is equals to map of x is equal 200 to a x + b b + 1

where is b + 2 - 1 and here we have -1 here - 1 and 2 a x b + 1 f x is equal to X + b into minus b minus 1 + b + 2 and b and b will be cancel out there so this will be cancel out here so this will equal to 2 X + b and 2 and -1 is 1/4 of X is equals to 2 so f of zeroes to end a 41 is one it is given to us so I 40 is zero then type of 2 is 1

Oppo F1 S 1 year so 40 is equals to b is equal to 2 and F of X is equals to 2 X + 41 is equal to a + 2 is equal to 1 from here we get to a sequel to -1 and is equal to minus 1 by 2 and put this in FX so we get f x is equal to 2 X + b minus 2 and this will be cancel out so minus x + 2 f of X is equals to and half of 2 is equal to minus 2 + 2 this is equal to zero this is our answer Kavita Kavita option is correct option is correct thank you

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