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Suppose f:[-2,2] to R is defi...

Suppose f:[-2,2] to R is defined by f(x)={{:(-1 " for " -2 le x le 0),(x-1 " for " 0 le x le 2):} , then {x in [-2,2]: x le 0 and f(|x|)=x}=



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Updated On: 8-7-2021

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00:00 - 00:59in this question is a function from -222 what is the which is Defined by f x is equal to -1 if x is less than zero and greater than equal to minus 2 and it is equal to X -1 if x is less than equal to zero and greater than less than equal to zero then we have to find X belonging to -222 such that X is negative and model is equal to which are the values of X which is defined this equation this is what we want to know that aside the first of all letters write the given definition of effects it is equal to minus 14 x less than equal to zero point greater than equal to minus 2 and x minus 14 x greater than equal to zero but less than equal to 2 now Bihar this condition as belonging to -2 to extrude be less than zero and F of Mod X should be equal to X I am writing a f of model should
01:00 - 01:59be equal to X can be written as F of Mod x minus 6 should be equal to zero now model is always positive Mod of X is always positive to hair the definition of function would be in small doses always positive this month this once definition could be used it is positive to accept positive here it is it would be equal to x minus 1 of Mod x 20 Mod x minus 1 minus 6 is equal to zero now the other thing is we have a text to be less than zero hair for less than equal to zero this Mod will open negatively for minus x minus 1 minus b equal to zero from here we have minus 2 Y is equal to plus one would be equal to minus 1 by this is the value of a satisfying the given equation and the correct option is efficiency minus half

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