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Lines And Angles


Straight Angle and Reflex Angl...

Straight Angle and Reflex Angle

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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this video mein Ham baat karenge Street and reflex angle ki Street aur reflex angle kya hote hain to be should start with its definition definition Hamara kya Kahta Hai Hamare definition Kahta Hai Ki Jab Ek angle when an angle whose measure is exactly 180 degree tab usko Ham Kahenge straight angle Yahan per important kya hai Dam measurements should be 180 degree to yah kaise hoga Agar Ham logically soche to clearly ek baat samajh mein aati hai ki 180 degree tabhi ho sakta hai Jab Hamara Jo Hamare Jo dur hai vah directly opposite Hui dusre ke understand Agarwal just Ek dusre ke opposite Hai To we can say that it is making a straight angle just

give me a clearly de sakte hain ine donon ke bich Mein Ek straight angle ban raha hai To ismein Ham measurement kya bolenge measurement of the angle would be clearly 180 degree right now Hamara vertex a suppose this b&b this busy so angle BAC is 180 degree write a baat karte reflex angle ki Tomar definition Yahan kya Kahta Hai yah Hamara definition Kahta Hai Ki reflex angle is an angle when the measurement is more than 180 and less than 360 degree more than 180 degree and less than 360 degree bahut hi simple Yahan per Ham ne kya kaha hai nijama X degree aaega

yah kis 180 Se Bada Hona chahie aur 366 Chhota Hona chahie Hamari to condition ho gaye aur right to isko Agar Main draw Karke dikhana Chahun to Abhi so you like this Malik Hamara ek rahe ho gai Hamari yah bhi suppose this is a farmer and this is bhi Tumhare Jo dusra Yahan per Rahega vah Kuchh Aisa dikhega aur ham angles Apna majak kar rahe Honge vah Ham idhar se maja kar rahe Honge to wear measuring A Angle from this site Yara Hamara angle measurement clearly that's why give 180 Se Bada Hai Yaariyan dekh Pa Rahe Hain Ki 180 Se Bada hai

agar is line Tak Hota To 180 Hota Yahan Tak 180 Hota Jo Kiya line bilkul opposite is per like kar rahi hai jaise ki Ham straight angle Mein Dekha Tha stateline Hai Ab Ke but this is over crossing it to ya Ek X triangle aayega Yahan per that's why 180 se bada hoga some Apne figure se samajh chuke hain ki reflex angle Kaisa Dikhta Hai state and girl and reflex angle are covered in this video I am ugly video mein baat karenge complementary angle ki thank you


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