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Steven needs to buy t theme park tickets for himself and his family. Each ticket costs $80,and the number of tickets he needs to buy can be modeled by the expression t^2-4t-90=6 when t gt 0. What is the total cost of the theme park tickets that Steven Purchased?



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00:00 - 00:59so is this asked Stephen need to buy T theme park tickets for himself and his family is ticket cost dollar AP and the number of the kids in which to buy can be modelled by the expression equal to what is the cost of the theme park tickets purchased 1120 so how many tickets will be is given by this expression t square minus 40 square minus 40 - 90 = 26 so from here you will find the number of tickets in its to buy and multiply with dollar 80 will get the cost of total number of tickets even purchased so will solve their 42 - 40 taking 6 size of -96 = 20 sorry square - 12th St
01:00 - 01:59+ 80 - 96 = 20 or taking TS ka Monty - 12 + 8 is common t minus 12 = 20 from here we got t + 8 into t minus 12 = 20 or weak acid at equals to minus 8 all equals to 12 as the number of tickets can be negative for discarding -8 and we're taking tea equals to 12 of 12 and each ticket cost him dollar 80 number of tickets in S2 by number of tickets in S2 E12 and each ticket is ticket cost dollar 80/1 ticket cost auditor 12 tickets will cost him 12 into $80
02:00 - 02:59which is 960 dollar so the total number of tickets is 12 and all total Stephen will have to spend the total cost of 90 dollar any option C 960 is a correct answer

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