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Class 11






Linear Inequalities


steps and the solution set for...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


speed Mein Ham Dekhenge ki solutions of the equation yah Kya Hota Hai film ka definition dekhte hain to iska definition high water solutions of an efficient solutions are to spell use solutions are those values which in equation and in equation a true statement iska matlab who value jinko substitute karne mein Hamare in equation awaken to statement to use Ham khate solutions of an equation Agaram Sky example Te ki hamare pass ko in equation and its a 4 x + 1 is latency Agaram X ko rakhte 584125 plus one that is 21 and 21 is created

iska matlab X is not equal to 5 x x is equal to 5 Hamare 1 solution Nahin ho sakta Kyunki Samaj statement of also them but economics ko -54 into minus 5 plus one that is -19 which is less than zero or less than zero MHA Utha that means x is equal to minus 5 is a solute Aage hamare pass theek hai to se Hamen kya Pata Chala Ki Aise values ko rakhne par Hamara jo inequation hai vah to statement ho jaaye use Ham Kahate solution of the equation theek hai ab hamare pass recorder Moto solving and equation to iska matlab kya hota hai it is the process of obtaining all the possible solutions all the possible solutions

cable in equation to job in equation given as a possible solutions coach of fine Karte Ham to use process kam bolata solving and equation theek hai ab Ham Dekhte solution set Kya Hota To solution set matlab set containing a set containing all the solutions of the given in equation taken to koi bhi nahin question Ke Baras Ke Sare solution kam agar koi CM present kar sake to some Kahate solution set to use set ke Hare element question ko satisfy Karta Hai To Har EK elements ka solution ho jaega theek hai to every element of solution set of solution set is a solution of the equation solution of the equation taken

Deccan example X square + 1 is greater than equal to zero Phata for all real values across the Nation was greater than equal to zero 2 X square + 1 Hamesha greater than equal to zero kam sweaters Kajal solution set a matlab solution set your Jayega X belongs to real numbers the real numbers Mein Koi Bhi Ham value Rakhi Hamesha to theek hai tu real number Hamare solution set 2 guests come so this is all about solutions Agar Ham dam video mein kya Dekha ki solutions kya hota hai to solution dost values which makes an equation a true statement in C example Dekha Tera Mu Dekha ki solving an equation is ka matlab kya hota hai aur Humne Dekha ki solution se matlab kya hota hai kidhar containing all solutions of the equation for every element of solution set your travel in equation to satisfy Karta Hai Uska solution theek hai ab next video mein Ham dekh

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