Statement -1: sum_(r=0)^(n) r(""^(n)C_(r))^(2) = n (""^(2n -1)C_(n-1)) Statement-2: sum_(r=0)^(n) (""^(n)C_(r))^(2)= ""^(2n)C_(n)



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Updated On: 29-5-2021

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Answer :
Solution :
For truth of statement-2, see illustration 17 on page 14,16. <br> Now, <br> `sum_(r=0)^(n) rC_(r)""^(2)= sum_(r=0)^(n) r .""^(n)C_(r).""^(n)C_(r).=` <br> `rArr sum_(r=0)^(n) rC_(r)""^(2)=n sum_(r=0)^(n) ""^(n-1)C_(r-1).""^(n)C_(r).` <br> `rArr sum_(r=0)^(n) rC_(r)""^(2)=n .sum_(r=0)^(n) ""^(n-1)C_(n-r).""^(n)C_(r).` <br> `rArr sum_(r=0)^(n) rC_(r)""^(2)=n` Coefficient of `x^(n)` in `{ (1 + x)^(n -1) (1 + x)^(n)}` <br> `rArr sum_(r=0)^(n) rC_(r)""^(2)=n` Coefficient of `x^(n)` in ` (1 + x)^(2n+1)` <br> `rArr sum_(r=0)^(n) rC_(r)""^(2)=n^(2)""^(n-1)C_(n) = n^(2)""^(n-1)C_(n-1)`. <br> So, statement-1 is also true. But , statement-2 is not a correct <br> expanation for statement -1.



00:00 - 00:59hello friends so in this question it is given that my statement when is given that submission are equals to zero to one hour into NCR whole square is equals to 2 cm -1 where we have to take the statement one or two is true or false statement when we will take to hear its whole square this condition and submission R = 202 n ok so we have to prove this is equal to this into into NCR Tory and factory and -2 Re
01:00 - 01:59and effect tutorial so your n factorial can be written as what are factorial and in and -1 factorial and this is and my story is not 2.1 factory this will be also wrote first meeting with similarly whatever will be changed in this value will be equals to this also so here you can see that you are an hour but now you are getting this value now this is what this is your the coefficient of this will be equals to here I am getting that its Coefficient will be equals to an end to CR -1 because even when you will open this so you will get this value only and this NCR when you
02:00 - 02:59expand its to this is the expansion of oneplus x to the power n -1 this will be from your expansion of oneplus x to the power n from these values what you will get oneplus X ^ 2 - 1 when you multiply it ok so Mary = 20 21 and will be out ok on oneplus X ^ 2 2-1 now its expansion unit 200 its value will be what its Coefficient will be equals to = 20 22 - 3 - 1 mission will be this so now let's set the option from the options you can see that this only coming OK Here
03:00 - 03:59I am writing this ok this will not come ok because its expansion will be equal to this only if you are getting it equals to it means the statement one is true because you are getting exactly equal to its so my statement when is true now my statement to I will check so my statement with what that summation ir2022n NCR whole square we have to prove that equal to this so it and writing that my statement to submission R = 20 to an end tuition near top earlier only that it is equal to 1 + x to the power and and oneplus X ^ this will give me one class x to the power to its Coefficient will be equal to what its Coefficient will be equal to 2 and ok
04:00 - 04:59that only we have to prove it means that my statement to is also true but it is not proved by statement one so here we can write this that my statement when is true and my statement to is true and the statement to is not the correct explanation of statement fund ok so this will be my answer so thank you

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