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Statement-1 : NH3 is pyramidal in shape .
Statement-2 : SiCl4 and GaCl4 are isostructural .
Statement-3 : sd3 hybridisation may be possible


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hello everyone here the question in a statement want that has NH3 is pyramid pyramid safe statement to that is essential for and gsl for minors are Aisa structure and a statement that is SD SD 3 hybridization may be possible so we have to find that statement is true or false so first we have a statement we have to NH 3 h parameters are so in ns3 in the central atom which valence electron valence electrons 5 Sohail day Lewis structure for energy that is in has bonded with three hydrogen Sohail it one lone pair and three Bond pair present in
so we find the hybridization so here lone pair plus Bond pair that is one lone pair and three point that is for its hybridization is SP3 netstat tried but due to presence of lone pair it become PM in said that much trigonal pyramidal shape is trigonil Veera middle with bond angle 109 degree so first statement is our correct S statement Tej is icl4 and GS 4 - is expected that means it has same is true of the show in sicl4 has a central atom which has valence electron
electron is 4 Se Hare IT form tetrahedron shape because for electron of silicon formed Bond with four chlorinator so here this form SP3 hybridization which isn't Atra Atra Atra Atra Sal for my gacl for mine datacenter term which valence electron is three but one charge is present and 11 charge is pressure
that's why it form SP3 hybridization sweet combine that's why it form SP3 hybridization structure is Jiye form C - site is also true next gen D3 hybrids and we know that the feeling of Orbital in the sequence first feel is s s a b then divided according to aufbau principle which has low Energy field first and then identity so we know that only SP3
hybridization exist not SP2 SP3 hybridization so it is false statement sorry correct answer option A thank you

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