Statement -1 For each natural number n,(n+1)^(7)-n^7-1 is divisible by 7. <br> Statement -2 For each natural number n,n^7-n is divisible by 7.



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Updated On: 1-5-2021

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Statement-1 is false , Statement-2 is true Statement-1 is true , Statement-2 is true , Statement-2 is correct explanation for Statement-1 Statement-1 is true , Statement-2 is true , Statement-2 is not a correct explanation for Statement-1Statement-1 is true , Statement-2 is false

Solution :
Let `P(n)=n^(7) -n` <br> By mathematical induction for `n=1, P(1)=0` , which is divisible by 7 <br> for `n=k,P(k)=k^7-k` <br> Assume P(k) is divisible by 7 <br> `therefore k^7-k=7lambda, lambda in I` .......(i) <br> For `n=k+1`. <br> `P(k+1)=(k+1)^7-(k+1)=(.^7C_0k^7+.^7C_1k^6+.^7C_2k^5+.^7C_3k^4+......+.^7C_6k+.^7C_7)-(k+1)` <br> `=(k^7-k)+7(k^6+3k^5+...+k)` <br> `=7lambda+7(k^6+3k^5+....+k)=` Divisible by 7 <br> `therefore ` Statement -2 is true . <br> Also , let `F(n)=(n+1)^7-n^7-1` <br> `={(n+1)^7-(n+1)}-(n^7-n)` <br> =Divisible by 7 from Statement -2 <br> Hence , both statements are true and Statement-2 is correct explanation of Statement-1.



00:00 - 00:59hello friends your question is treatment when is given as per is natural number and and Suzlon power 7 - 7 - 23 visible by 7 and statement to its natural number and and power 7 minus n is divisible by 7 first which at the statement to statement to display 107 is divisible by and power 7 - and according to Mathematical Induction is equal to and power 7 - 3 and 4 and is equal to 17 is equal to 1 minus 1 is equal to zero and 70 is equal to Romans it is divisible by 720 statement is
01:00 - 01:59true now lectured at n is equal to and n is equal to 16 year 7 / M + M power 7 minus is equal to M 7 - That is equal to 777 is any constant term check at and is equal to M + 171 power 7 minus A + 1 and hear and + 1 power 7 minus A + 1 is equal to 7 cm 8 and 9 + 77 and 1 plus 7 c2m
02:00 - 02:59273 and three plus 737 M 7 minus and minus one and now from this is equal to 7 7 m plus 7 c2m plus UP 27 6 and 6s and 7 - and hair throughout 7 is common that it will be equal to 7 and + something I am care + 1 to get mk1 and this is 77 and care means it will be equal to
03:00 - 03:597k to disturb technique Ketu now according to test free and is equal to 1 power 7 minus n is divisible by 7 chapter statement one statement one it is said that and plus one power 7 - and power 7 minus 1 is divisible by 7 it can also be returned and plus one power 7 - and + 1 - and power 7 - and from here oneplus one power power and minus and + 1 is divisible by 7
04:00 - 04:59so let me divisible by 77 Kidhar Kidhar season constant and equal to 7 and here from here 7 is common and Kailash - admin this statement is also true that it will be divisible by 7 from a h 21 and 2000 correct h Healthcare it is true that one is true statement to you sorry statement is correct statement one is true statement used to and statement to is the correct explanation for
05:00 - 05:59payment but that's all I think you

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