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Statement-1 (Assertion and Statement- 2 (Reason) <br> Each of these questions also has four alternative <br> choices, only one of which is the correct answer. You <br> have to select the correct choice as given below. <br> Let A be a skew-symmetric matrix, `B= (I-A) (I+A)^(-1)` <br> and X and Y be column vectors conformable for <br> multiplication with B. <br> Statement-1 (BX)^(T) (BY) = X^(T) Y <br> Statement- 2 If A is skew-symmetric, then (I+A) is <br> non-singular.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Statement- is true, Statement -2 is true, Statement-2 <br> is a correct explanation for Statement-5Statement-1 is true, Statement-2 is true, Sttatement - 2 <br> is not a correct explanation for Stamtement-5Statement 1 is true, Statement - 2 is falseStatement-1 is false, Statement-2 is true

Answer :
Solution :
`because (BX)^(T)(BY) = {(I-A)(+A)^(-1) X}^(T) (I-A) (I+A)^(-1) Y` <br> `=X^(T){(I+A)^(-1) }^(T) (I-A)^(T)(I-A) (I+A)^(-1) Y` <br> `= X^(T)(I+A^(T))^(-1) (I-A^(T))(I-A) (I+A)^(-1) Y` <br> `= X^(T)(I+A)^(-1) (I+A)(I-A) (I+A)^(-1) Y` <br> `= X^(T)(I+A)^(-1) (I-A)(I+A) (I+A)^(-1) Y` <br> `[because A^(T) = - A and (I-A) (I+A) = (I+A) (I-A)]` <br> `=X^(T) cdot Icdot IcdotIY=X^TY` <br> Both Statements are true, Statement-2 is correct explanation <br> for Statement-1.


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hello everyone question is statement 1 each of these equations also 84 alternative to you have to select the correct twice as given below let a beer is skew symmetric matrix and b is equal to minus 1 by column vector conformable for multiplication with SBI mini statement 1 b into X Matrix into Y is equals to transpose of a into why if statement to each if then I plus a nonsingular where it is given that the equal to minus into

identity Matrix plus a matrix in what statement one said that BF transport in to be we will be cos2x transfer into I replace Matrix the market value minus A into Eye Plus convert into a transpose into minus A into eyeplus inverse into why Ok transport for transfer transfer formula it will be X transport into i + J + K in WhatsApp

transport into minus transport into minus 2 Y + a convert into why this should be here -1 not there ok this year if you further acknowledge this will be transport can be written as it will be eyeplus transport inverse -1 transport into a minus plus a convert into why and in the question it is given that

therefore a transpose will be equal to minus from where we can write it it's transport into I - 80 words into Eye plus into minus A into Eye Plus convert into I am from here it will be X transport into identity into identity into identity Matrix into wine Matrix and that will be a transport into it and also I Plus is from statement to by using a statement we prove that statement one is correct and therefore from yaar statement one end a statement

to a also true statement to is correct region for statement 1 therefore enter a thank you

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