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Class 12






Relations And Functions


Statement-1 : A function f : R...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is True, Statement-2 is a correct explanation for Statement-1.Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is True, Statement-2 is NOT a correct explanation for Statement-1.Statement -1 is False, Statement -2 is FalseStatement -1 is False, Statement -2 is True

Answer : D

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hello everyone so letter start with question question se start statement one is function is a Smartwatch satisfies the effects - 5 x minus y for all along in 2 hours 40 and 41 greater than zero then f x is equal to X + 1 into if function f is trauma to our satisfied the above relation of 1 se 40 + 3 is equal to 7 letters are the question effect X + 1 then f b minus five equal to x minus 5 so I will be Y + 1 then latest episode 56 - 5 x minus 5 x + 1 minus y minus 1 is equal to x minus 5

which is given to Ehsas effect -15 this holds true now statement was true and it is given to us that if effects is X + 1 then a41 plus A 40 plus three letters t 412401 3 is to 4 + 1 + 27 verify statement want to both Ab To is not a correct explanation statement correct option option number to Pata statement 1 is to 2 is to statement to is not a correct explanation for statement

option to is correct thank you

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