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Class 11






Sequences And Series


Statement 1: 1^(99)+2^(99)++10...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students showcase and is given statement 11234 99220 1999 like this it is going up to 120 power 99 is divisible by 10 100 and that statement to is a to the power n + b to the power n is divisible by a + b if n is old statement one instrument to is given we have to find whether both statements are correct or having any relation with to each other we need to find out so first I will take second statement statement 2nd sem it is like a to the power n + b to the power n is divisible by a + b v how to see I'm taking one ki power n + just imagine that a ki power 3 + b ki power 3 if you will open it if you will be because you have the idea related to this

show a + b in the formula of a 2 hour 3 and B to the power 3 is a square minus a b + b square we are not worrying about this but there will be a + b isn't it I like this if I tell if I am talking about in the terms means a to the power n + 1 x to the power n means if given and n is what n is odd like year and is what would they will be like this oneplus X and something like this something like this is divisible by what sets this is also divisible by what a + b n EOD this is a plus if you will divide a + b and a + b it will it is dividing it too early to this statement is correct

10 ok now we will the the first statement isn't it the first statement is given to us that want to the power 99 + 2 to the power 99 and liked 3399 it is going up 200 to the power 99 statement 1 it is divisible by 10 1100 I am taking a example the example is life Justin Pal just think that I am take you like 1 Cube + 2 cube + 3 Cube if I'm taking three terms how many it will give

oneplus ^ 3 is about 8327 it around 36 and u No 1 + 2 + 3 + 2 is what 506 36/6 isn't it like the if you will go 123 102 to the 1993 to 1999 if you will add up all these terms means if you will take all the terms and you will divide with 1 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + like Khand distance / 199 2101 in 200 divided to something divided 10100 is it is it will also be by this isn't it statement to is also correct and statement one is also correct statement to is the correct for the reason of statement

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