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State which of the following events are mutually exclusive , Give reasons for your answer . <br> `E_(1):2` heads , `E_(2)` at least one head in two successive tosses of a coln.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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so in this question it is given we have to find whether the following events are mutually exclusive or not and water give reason for the same so two events are given that is two heads uric acid event one is two heads and even to is at least one head at least one head into success tosses of a coin that means that a coin is tossed twice so are Kaun is talk to X ok so now when a coin is tossed what can live without the sample space when a coin is tossed what all outcomes can we have when it is tossed to X first is first time it comes out here tales S I am also it comes out ahead tales S will be first time at concert s s x and concert head in third will be considered and second time it come still 4th would be first time ahead and second time

ahead so basically these are on these outcomes which can be achieved in this thing now here event one left out the set for event won't show event one will be even one will be equal to two heads so there is only one case when two heads a so that is event one will have just this case just one case where that is a Chennai now for even to we have to write at least one head that that is minimum 11 the head should come so for that case this here no head is no head appears here one head appears so this will this be included in an event and head hair also one had your peers so it will also be included in this case there are more than one head which can also be because it at least one head can be there so more than one can also be also represent so hnh now

you can see that this hnh that twice of heads it occurs in both the in both the events therefore these events are not events are not mutually exclusive mutual exclusion why the reason is because this head appearing twice is is part of both the events therefore there is something common between those two wins hence the hands but the events are not mutually exclusive

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