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State whether the given statement is true or false : <br> (i) if A sub B and x lin then x lin A. <br> (ii) If A sube phi then A = phi <br> (iii) If A,B and C are three sets such that in B and B sub C then A sub C . <br> (iv) If A, B and C are three sets such that A sub B and B in C " then "A in C. <br> (v) If A, B and C are three sets such taht A cancel(sub) B and B cancel(sub)C " then " A cancel(sub)C. <br> (vi) If A, B are sets such that x in A and A in B then x in B.



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Answer :
(i) True <br> (ii) True <br> (iii) False <br> (iv) False <br> (v) False <br> (vi) False
Solution :
(iii) Let `A = {a}, B = {{a, b}` and C = {{1}, b, c}. <br> Then , `{a} in B` and `B sub C`. But., `{a} cancel(sub) C`. <br> (iv) Let A = {a}, B = {a, b} and C = {{a, b}, c}. <br> Then, `A cancel(sub) B` and `B in C`. But, `A cancel(in)C`. <br> Let A = {a}, B = {b,c} and C = {a, c}. <br> Then, `A cancel(sub)B` and `B cancel(sub)C`. But `A sub C`. <br> Let A = {x}, B = {{x}, y}. <br> Then, `x in A` and `A in B`. But, `x in b`.

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